“Some of the best grass-fed beef in Hawaii.”

Our story is fairly simple in nature

We are a group of ranchers, responsible land managers, small business owners, butchers and concerned community members that believe in a food system that supports local production and consumption. We believe in minimizing environmental impact while still supporting economic growth.


Our Products

We believe in providing a high quality ethical product at affordable prices. Our staff is trained in humane handling and our ranchers are committed to raising animals without the use of hormones, antibiotics and grains. And we use aging to improve the quality of our products.


Why Grass Fed?

Flavor. Health. Environment. Enjoy maximum flavor while reducing the risk of heart disease! Grass fed beef is lower in omega-6 fats and are higher in beneficial omega-3 fats and CLAs than grain fed beef. Plus, cattle that are grass fed have less impact on the environment and are handled humanely. No feedlots here.


About Us

The Molokai Livestock Cooperative promotes the growth of the grass finishing business of livestock operations and the promotion of local food production and distribution. MLC is a federally inspected USDA slaughter and processing facility for both commercial and home use needs. Our diversified staff is trained in humane handling techniques and dedicated to our mission of producing high quality products. There are six local ranchers that are active members in our co-op including the Molokai Homesteaders Livestock Association (MHLA) and Molokai Ranch.


You can purchase Molokai Livestock Cooperative grass-fed ground beef on Oahu at Foodland grocery stores. Visit Kokua Market in Honolulu and VJ’s Butcher Block in Haleiwa for ground beef and various other cuts. Diners can enjoy Molokai Livestock Cooperative grass-fed beef at Rokaru Shabu Shabu in Pearl City, BLT Market restaurant and Buho Cocina y Cantina in Waikiki and Square Barrels in Honolulu. Next time you’re on the Friendly Isle of Molokai, stop by our facility just minutes from the Molokai Airport.

“One cow at a time.”